Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

This Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (the "Code") sets forth the legal and ethical standards for directors, officers and employees of Constant Contact, Inc. ("Constant Contact" or the "Company").

If you have any questions regarding this Code or its application to you or the Company's activities in any situation, you should contact your supervisor or the Company's Chief Financial Officer or General Counsel.


Honest Ethical Conduct; Fair Dealing

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Insider Trading

Accuracy of Books, Records and Public Reports

Reporting Company Information

Conflicts of Interest

Protecting Customer Information

Protecting Company Information

Gifts and Gratuities; Business Entertainment

Dealings with Independent Auditors

Government and Other Investigations

Respect for the Individual

Harassment and Discrimination

Safeguarding Constant Contact’s Assets

Intellectual Property

Raising and Reporting Ethical Issues

Specific Concerns About Accounting or Auditing Matters

Waivers of this Code of Business Conduct

Dissemination and Amendment

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